Drawer System

Our new full-extension and regulated soft closing drawers LEGRABOX are characterized by their functionality and aesthetics. With a clear and clean design, that is expressed by the use of thin and clean lines in its overall construction of the drawer system.

Functional Design

A innovate hidden track system contributes to its smooth and synchronized moves, that is easy and light to use. Tracks run below the drawer, giving it higher stability and load-capacity for maximum storage.

Organizational Freedom

Intuitive, functional and practical organizers give us the freedom to eliminate clutter and keep items neatly organized for easily reachability. Organizers can be adjusted to different dimensions for personalized storage, depending on the users’ needs.

Internal Pull-Outs

Hidden narrow and deep pull-outs behind a hinged door maximizes the storage capability of tall and base cabinets. With their tall lateral sides, our internal pull-outs are capable of adding extra organization and easy reach for taller units.

LEGRABOX has been recognized by multiple international organizations in its design and innovation.
Integrated Lighting

We evaluate, design and integrate all needed lighting to our designs and cabinets. From internal lighting to our drawers and cabinets, glass shelving lighting, and under-cabinet integrated LEDs, it is all custom-tailored to the design of your space and specifications.

Finished Interiors

Our cabinets are capable of being finished in a melamine color of choice. Lateral panels and internal shelves are entirely wrapped and finished to give the interiors a complete and luxurious look. Edge banding in the same color of the cabinet’s door comes standard in all of the products, to assure a smooth and even look.