Luxury Kitchen Cabinets

Simple composition and the richness of matte lacquers are the most distinguishing characteristics of the Gofratto model. Its lacquer textured doors make up a kitchen dresses in the elegance of color – an attractive and sophisticated composition that defines a new aesthetic concept. For this model, only a few elements are necessary to create an endless number of compositions with high level of design and utilitarian functions.

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Gofratto High Gloss

For those who look for a contemporary design with minimalist sense in its genesis and a strong footprint throughout its composition. With a distinct personality in the use of high-gloss lacquer finishes, with variety of colors to choose from. The organization proposes multiple solutions, combining elements such as tall columns and large-sized cabinets. The use of thick countertops compliment the overall aesthetics.

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Design and vanguard combine strongly in this model. With Foscari, linearity is identified with the elegance and the character of its American oak veneered doors in warm stains. Doors without fitting with an aluminum profile for their opening, follow the horizontal line continuity.

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Lacar model proposes straight lines and smooth surfaces, with two finishes of lacquers available – matte and glossy. Posing a stylish and timeless aesthetic through sophisticated combinations. This line offers more than ten high-quality lacquer colors to choose from.

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Our Trend model offers a design that assures an original compositional result, even in delimited dimensions. With more than fifteen melamine colors to choose from, the textured wooden designs, fabric imitations and peaceful solid colors marks the nature of our times.
The expressiveness of the materials, together with the solutions in its titanium design and finished fittings make Trend a choice for craze.

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The City consists of a modulated profile, which its handle runs along the whole door front, highlighting its lines and unit. With more than twenty-five melamine and RPT to choose from, its wide range of options makes it among one of our most popular model. The presence of aluminum in different finishes is the exponent of the new trend in the use materials, making it modern and refined.

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Centery proposes essential forms amd various possibilities of personalization, with more than twenty-five melamine and TPC finishes to select from. Colors, details and terminations emerge from a proposal where functionality is combined with the simple forms. With a new and reimagined profile, the steel finish of its integrated handle gives an elegant and modern look.

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Lumina’s main characteristic is the incorporated handle door in the same finish as the door, always consistent with the front size. Combinations of our TPC finishes, and melamine components, makes Lumina a highly versatile model. The interior of the door is composed of a 22mm MDF that makes the elements feel rigid and luxurious.

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Moderation and distinction are Murano’s inherent attributes. Plain doors in MDF and Thermoformed Polymeric Coat (TPC) in different colors and fitting combinations. Highly resistant to impacts and liquids.

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Materials, shapes and volumes combine to form high functionality and aesthetics. Sydney consists of melamines and glazed surfaces, with perimeters and profiles in aluminum. With its wide range in colors, fittings and profile, this makes for an attractive door style.

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Doors and fronts of drawers with melamine veneer in a great variety of colors. Simplicity a composition of design that meets quality. Its four corners made in 3 mm PVC are available in different shades.

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It combines its warmth with the cleanliness of the design. A proposal where metals, wood and dark elements combine to create a central kitchen space.

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The doors framed with subtle groves remind us of a more traditional-style kitchen. Beauty and delicacy arises in details of copper tones with a new interpretative sensitivity.

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A kitchen space where the warmth of memory is combined with the contemporary design. The wood coexisting with polished metals and amber tones.

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At the very center of any high-quality Houston kitchen remodel, renovation or upgrade project is the inclusion of elegant kitchen cabinetry. Foscari Interiors specializes in only the finest grade cabinets sourced from exclusive manufacturers with a trusted name and a proven reputation. We work with everything from exotic wood veneers to gloss lacquers, simple and functional melamines or laminates to many other types of handcrafted custom cabinets that are designed to impress.

We are direct importers of several different factories, what allows us to offer you a wider range of designs, colors, finishes and also COST. While all of our products are “high end” and factory manufactured according to European standards of quality and design, working with several brands allows us to take advantage of each one’s capabilities. According to your project needs, we will recommend to work with a certain brand, due to finishes availability or cost effectiveness.

We are direct importers of custom, European-style cabinets from several different factories.  This allows us to offer you a wider range of designs, colors, finishes and, at the same time, wider range of cost options. While all of our products are “high end” and factory manufactured according to European standards of quality and design, working with several brands allows us to take advantage of each company’s capabilities. We will assess your individual project’s needs, and will recommend various brand(s) based on availability of finishes or cost effectiveness.

Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that these beautifully crafted cabinets offer a seamless balance between functionality and luxury. With high-end cabinets as the centerpiece of a kitchen, everything else falls into place naturally. Foscari Interiors offers prospective clients free kitchen remodeling consultations in Houston as a way to imagine all that is possible at the design level. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can build upon your ideas and dreams in order to create the next beautiful and impressive kitchen.