Unique Backsplashes

A backsplash is an integral and important part of any overall kitchen remodel or renovation project. In essence, it is a vertical extension of the countertop itself. Whether it is a kitchen or bathroom, a backsplash can have a big impact on overall look, feel and general appeal. Foscari Interiors sources fine-quality materials to ensure that your backsplash complements your bathroom or kitchen exactly as expected. A backsplash is an important element of any kitchen or bathroom because it protects the wall from splashes and splatters of water or other substances.

A backsplash can be crafted from marble, tile or a wide range of other quality modern materials. In addition, a backsplash can also be crafted as an integral part of the countertop itself. From granite to stainless steel and a host of other unique materials, a backsplash that is properly sourced and expertly installed can only serve to enhance an existing kitchen or bathroom. While a backsplash is optional, most homeowners choose to include this feature as a way to further enhance the existing space. Call Foscari and discover all that is possible