Functional and Beautiful Spaces

With more than 50 years of combined experience in the cabinetry industry and interior architecture allow us to understand our clients’ expectations and propose aesthetically beautiful and functional solutions, while optimizing resources.


We are here to “guide”, not to “impose”. We have the expertise, but our clients own their vision. This is the challenge: to honor our clients’ needs and wants, while introducing the “know how” of the industry – to make a project not only feasible, but also intelligently affordable.

Dream, Budget and Time Frame

We import cabinetry from three different factories, located in North America, South America and Europe. All of them are high-end products, made with the best technology available. Increasing our sources allow us to offer our clients a wider range of finishes and selections, and even a wider range of pricing and time frame.

Long-Standing Work Ethics


Few things can truly be accomplished successfully without integrity. Foscari Interiors is founded on the principles of integrity to ensure the highest levels of customer service, customer satisfaction and finished products. We stand by our promise of always making integrity a top priority in each and every project that we accept.


Quality is the cornerstone of any outstandingly successful project. Foscari Interiors is dedicated to sourcing the finest quality kitchen and bath products from around the world. We have a keen eye when it comes to finding the best products available so that we can deliver to our clients the genuine perfection that they expect.


Innovation means thinking outside the box when it comes to a full range of modern kitchen and bath interiors. We treat each job as unique, special and important. As a successful Houston interior design organization Foscari strives to constantly improve and perfect what we do on a daily basis. This is at the very core of what innovation is all about. Foscari Interiors is an innovative company that is forward-looking and creative.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any successful design project is inspired creativity. Foscari Interiors keeps an open mind when it comes to creativity. We pride ourselves on taking input from our clients, others in the industry and our dedicated staff. This results in successful projects that are impressive and rewarding for clients. We keep our creativity fresh and interesting so that our clients will always benefit. Why not have Foscari Interiors create something special for you today?