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Company Focus

While Foscari Interiors specializes in a wide array of unique kitchen, bathroom and entire home interior design work in Houston, marble kitchen enhancement is one of the areas that we are best known for throughout the region. Marble has a long history dating back to ancient times and provides for a level of elegance and beauty that is unsurpassed. In fact, a marble countertop is one of the smartest ways to take a kitchen to an entirely new level of perfection.

Our focus is clear when it comes to all aspects of product imports, design and installation. With a team of skilled and knowledgeable experts we are able to create amazing interiors using a host of European and contemporary style cabinets, countertops, closet systems, porcelain floors, and backsplashes as well as even high-end appliances. Clients in search of the best in European styled cabinetry in Houston along with other custom products need look no further than the friendly staff of Foscari Interiors.  Call our team today!

Far-Reaching Capabilities

Foscari Interiors is known for being versatile and far-reaching in terms of sourcing the best in European cabinetry as well as premium grade countertops, closet systems, backslashes, porcelain floors and appliances. From professional grade installation to innovative and intelligent interior design strategies, Foscari Interiors offers quality products and services that consistently outpace the competition.

The most important aspect of our proven capabilities is that we are able to work as a team to ensure the best possible outcome for clients. Building upon each other’s expertise, knowledge and skill, our staff formulates the most effective interior design strategy so that we meet your exacting project specifications. Elegant and attractive interiors are always the end result. Foscari Interiors is a one-stop source for impressive modern interior design services in Houston.

Experience Speaks For Itself

Our cumulative level of experience speaks for itself when it comes to Houston European cabinetry solutions. In fact, the backbone of Foscari Interiors is our organization of professionals and their combined decades of experience in custom kitchen and bathroom interior design and installation services. When it comes to designing modern European and contemporary style interior design concepts for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms of the home, Foscari is clearly the smart choice.

Foscari Interiors is highly regarded throughout the industry because of our ability to not only source and import the best in contemporary styled interior design components for kitchens but also because of our unique design abilities. Our staff understands design and the importance of working closely with client provided feedback to ensure a successful project every time. We make available extraordinary products and professional grade installation without compromise. Call Now!

Starting the Process

How do we start?

This is a common question homeowners ask themselves when they decide they want or need a new kitchen or bathroom.

Starting the process at Foscari is easy, just five easy steps.

Make An Appointment

Call us to make an appointment. One of our team’s specialists will be happy to meet with you.

Design Ideas

We will work on a design idea. NO COMMITMENT is required for us to do so. We want you to see what we are capable of doing. We know that COST is a key factor for you at this time. However, we will not be able to give you a cost estimate until we get to know your space, your ideas and we actually put some factories’ estimates together.

Be Prepared

Be prepared!  You may have your architect’s plans or, you may have no plans at all; you may have magazines or internet idea-books of spaces and elements you like; you may have already selected your appliances and plumbing fixtures or you may have no idea of quality/cost efficiency… we can start with everything or nothing. Our expertise will put all your wishes and dreams together. Although it may sound overwhelming, it is very easy to us.

Design Proposal

We will present the design proposal to you, along with a cost estimate. From this point, you will have known the way we work, and a realistic cost of your project; you will be ready to make decisions and move forward.

First Meeting

The first meeting will be at our Show Room. You will be able to see our cabinets and surfaces, touch and feel all kind of materials like natural woods, melamine, lacquers, quartz, stones… and dive into different colors and finishes. We will be able to meet you and hear about you and your family’s needs and wants, what you like and what you do not like, your expectations, time frame, and goals.

There Are Clear Benefits In Choosing To Work With Foscari Interiors


Genuine integrity lets clients know that they have chosen the right modern interior design professionals in Houston. We offer upfront pricing, honest assessments of each project and the ability to deliver on our promises. Integrity is a cornerstone of all that Foscari Interiors does every single day.


Quality materials and products translate into an outstanding finished product. Foscari Interiors we consistently ensure a successful outcome by starting from the very beginning with quality premium-grade products. Our installation professionals work with trusted products and materials and provide expert installation in order to guarantee a perfect job every time.


Regardless of the industry or business, innovation is an absolute necessity. The same is true when it comes to Houston kitchen and bath interior design products and services. Foscari Interiors promotes innovation within every level of our company. This keeps our designs, ideas, products and services fresh, relevant and interesting.


Years of hands-on experience, a proven track record and team dedication assure that each project is always given top priority. Foscari Interiors is proud of its combined decades of experience and its hard-working employees. When homeowners demand the best in modern interior design in Houston they turn to a trusted source – Foscari Interiors.

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