Remarkable Modern European and Contemporary Design

Foscari Interiors is a trusted source for Houston kitchen remodeling resulting in contemporary design and style that is always a cut above. We specialize in European-style cabinetry that has been carefully sourced and expertly installed. Design can take many forms especially when it comes to interior style. We work closely with each and every client to ensure that all projects turn out as envisioned by the client. The end result is a beautifully attractive and amazingly appealing kitchen or bathroom that looks and functions professionally. Foscari Interiors takes pride in delivering interior architectural design services that are based on hands-on experience and professional knowledge.

We offer free design consultations so that our clients are able to give us detailed input with regard to their project expectations. To ensure a totally successful Houston interior design project it is important to always accept feedback from the client. We also look to others in the industry as well as our professional installers and product sourcing-experts for feedback. This wealth of combined information helps to guarantee that your bathroom or kitchen interior design project comes out just as you had expected. Foscari Interiors also creates custom closet systems and designs many other home elements that will enhance your home with true style.

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